Grounds Maintenance

What is Grounds Maintenance

ground maintenanceGrounds maintenance refers to the routine care necessary to ensure robust health and growth of the ornamental aspects of your outdoor environment. Trees, shrubs and flower beds fall into this category. The dedicated professionals at Prescription Turf Care are uniquely qualified to assess and address your grounds maintenance needs.

Why Grounds Maintenance Is Important

Grounds maintenance is critical for the well-being of the focal plantings in your yard. Creating an esthetically pleasing outdoor environment can be time consuming and costly. Like your lawn, the trees, shrubs and plants that make up your landscape are living entities that need care and nurturing to grow to maturity and remain strong for the duration of their expected life span. Prescription Turf Care’s program of regular grounds maintenance will help achieve the most favorable outcome for your landscape trees and foundation plantings.

Prescription Turf Care Offers Complete Grounds Maintenance Services

mulchingPrescription Turf Care is deeply committed to quality grounds maintenance. The following services can be  customized to meet your individual needs:

Tree and Shrub Care is designed to maintain the health and beauty of these focal points of your landscape. Our routine grounds maintenance program provides your trees and shrubs with fertilization and protective care at appropriate intervals:

  • Early Spring – Application of Dormant Oil (designed to reduce over wintering insects)
  • Spring – Deep root fertilization (soil injected balanced fertilizer)
  • Late Spring – Insect and disease control
  • Early Summer – Insect and disease control
  • Late Summer – Insect and disease control
  • Fall – Deep root fertilization (soil injected balanced fertilizer)

We also offer shrub trimming and winterization.


Planting Bed Care includes spring clean-up, weed control, bed edging, and mulch application.

Winter Snow Removal and Ice Control are provided as needed.