Lawn Care

Why Routine Lawn Care Is A Must

lawn-care-2The lawn care specialists at Prescription Turf Care have created a successful lawn care program that ensures the essential needs of your lawn are met. Turf grass, a natural anti-pollutant, is one of our most important resources. A thick, healthy lawn not only adds oxygen to the air we breathe, it also prevents soil erosion, controls ground heat, and reduces noise. Like all other plants and grasses, your lawn has certain requirements. Unlike these, however, a lawn is not a naturally occurring landscape. Working in partnership with nature, the dedicated professionals at Prescription Turf Care are able to provide all the essentials your lawn needs.

Timing Is Everything When It Comes To Lawn Care

Weeds are, perhaps, the single most frustrating problem in lawn care. While thick, vigorously growing turf is naturally weed resistant, any lapse or failure in your lawn care program will allow weeds to infiltrate, causing unsightly patches in a formerly beautiful lawn. Prescription Turf Care offers a seasonal weed/feed program designed to promote lawn health and weed resistance. Applications in this program include:

  • Early Spring Premium granular fertilizer (crabgrass control)
  • Late Spring Premium granular fertilizer (broadleaf weed control)
  • Summer Premium granular fertilizer (broadleaf weed control)
  • Early Fall Premium granular fertilizer (broadleaf weed control)
  • Late Fall Premium granular fertilizer (winterizer)

Lawn Care: Much More Than Just Weed and Feed

Prescription Turf Care is a full-service lawn care provider. Our highly trained staff of professionals is knowledgeable in all areas of lawn care. In addition to our weed and feed lawn care program, we offer the following services:

slit-seedingSlit Seeding involves cutting vertically through lawn thatch to allow the seed direct contact with the soil. This method increases germination, accelerates growth, and improves density on poor stands.


lawn-aerationLawn Aeration removes small plugs of soil from the lawn to reduce compaction, control thatch, and increase water and nutrient absorption by the roots.



overseedingOverseeding, a follow-up to aeration, introduces new grass into an existing lawn by spreading seed over the existing grass allowing germination in and around the aeration holes. Overseeding rejuvenates the lawn, improving appearance and vigor.


lime-applicationLime Application regulates soil pH, sweetening the soil to enhance nutrient uptake.



surface-insecticideSurface Insecticide controls unwanted surface feeding insects, like armyworms, chinch bugs, cutworms, and leaf hoppers.


grub-controlGrub Control controls Japanese, masked chafer, and June beetle larvae.



bugsPerimeter Pest Control is a barrier treatment around the perimeter of your home that removes fleas, ticks and cockroaches.