Prescription Turf Care Presents Lawn Mowing 101

lawn-careThe skilled mowing experts at Prescription Turf Care understand the importance of providing regular lawn mowing service. Although we have come a long way since the days of scythes and edging shears, lawn mowing is still one of the most time consuming outdoor tasks. Today’s busy home and business owners are often forced to put mowing at the bottom of the to-do list. Fortunately, Prescription Turf Care is here to help. Our lawn mowing service is based upon substantial knowledge of when and how to mow to ensure a lush, healthy lawn.

The Long And Short of Effective Lawn Mowing

Prescription Turf Care will create a lawn mowing program uniquely suited to the needs of your lawn. Our highly trained staff of lawn mowing specialists knows how to keep your particular variety of turf grass “just right.”

Equipment And Expertise – The Dynamic Duo Of Successful Lawn Mowing

mowingThe mowing experts at Prescription Turf Care use well-maintained, state of the art lawn mowing equipment to ensure a clean cut. This reduces grass tearing, which leaves your lawn vulnerable to weather and insect damage, disease, and grass blade die-off. After mowing, we edge the lawn and carefully trim around trees and other lawn structures. Finally, grass clippings are blown off walks and driveways to give your home or business a well-manicured appearance.