Why Routine Lawn Care Is A Must

The lawn specialists at Prescription Turf Care have created a proven lawn care program that ensures the essential needs of your lawn are met. Turf grass, a natural anti-pollutant, is one of our most important resources. A thick, healthy lawn not only adds oxygen to the air we breathe, it also prevents soil erosion, controls ground heat, and reduces noise. To enable these positive benefits, your lawn has certain requirements: sufficient sunlight, adequate water, and specific nutrients. Unlike wildflower fields and prairie grass, a lawn is a contrived planting that does not occur naturally. This makes proper lawn care imperative.

The Benefits of Regular Grounds Maintenance

Prescription Turf Care also understands the importance of grounds maintenance. Trees, shrubs, and planting beds add texture and depth to your outdoor environment. They are like artwork displayed against the backdrop of your lawn. Planted strategically, they also help reduce heating and cooling costs by providing a barrier to wind during winter and shade from the sun in summer. Landscape plantings can be a costly investment. Appropriate grounds maintenance on a regular schedule will yield a substantial return on that investment. As part of our total grounds maintenance service, we also offer a winter program of as-needed, snow and ice removal.

Mowing – More Than Just Cutting Grass

lawn maintenanceLawn care is a specialty at Prescription Turf Care. Our trained mowing specialists know all the tricks to keeping your lawn lush and green. How to cut, when to cut, how high or low to set the mower blades, edge trimming, and grass clipping clean-up are second nature to our dedicated mowing crew. First impressions are lasting impressions and a well-manicured lawn is the best first impression for your home or business.